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Dán collectionii čohkket áššiid mat eai leat tearbmalisttut.

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Source Davvisámegiella Suomen kieli Norsk bokmål Svenska
Servodatdieđa:First nations

Definition: First Nations namma lea váldon geavahussii indiána-namahusa sadjái. Dasa galgá davvisámegillii maid gávdnat sáni.
Explanation: First nations: Kanada eamiálbmot/Kanada álgoálbmot. Kánada álgoálbmot/eamiálbmot, eai Mètisat/Mètis-álbmot dahje inuihtat (Mètis, Inuit), dat leat fas eará čearddat. “First Nations” should be used exclusively as a general term, as community members are more likely to define themselves as members of specific nations, or communities within those nations. For example, a Mohawk (Kanienkehaka) person from Akwesasne who is a member of the Bear clan may choose any number of identifiers, which would all be more accurate than simply “First Nations person” “Indigenous. When discussing groups of people from differing backgrounds, it is appropriate to use First Nations as a general group name, (e.g., a group of First Nations chiefs) provided that there are no Inuit or Métis members. ...Before the 1980s, the most popular term for a person of First Nations heritage in Canada was Indian. In 1980, hundreds of chiefs met in Ottawa and used “First Nations” for the first time in their Declaration of the First Nations.

Gielladieđa:Suopmanerohusat tearpmaid normerema oktavuođas

Definition: Giellajuogus mearrida váldágo vuhtii suopmansániid go normere tearpmaid. Ságastallan. Mii galgat ja fertet váldit vuhtii suopmanerohusaid. Jus mii galgat ovddidit sámegiela geavaheami, de ferte váldit vuhtii suopmanvariánttaid. Mi sáhttit bidjat suopmanvariánttaid "note" gieddái omd. durtnossámi variánttat, jus lea dušše dihto guovllus geavahusas. Suopmanvariánttat čuvvot normerejuvvon čállinvuogi.

Gielladieđa:definišuvnnaid geavaheapmi

Definition: Mot definišuvnnaid galgá geavahit termwikis: Giellajuogus lea ovdal mearridan ahte juos sátnái gávdno látengielnamma de ii darbbat definišuvnna. Muhtumin definišuvdnan heivelii leat govva. Mearrádus: Dárbu čilget sámegillii jus sámegielas lea eará mearkašupmi sánis go latiidnagielas vai váldogielain. Ii dárbbaš čilgehusa go sánis lea seamma čilgehus go latiidna- vai váldogielain. Muhtumin definišuvdnan heivelii leat govva.