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This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace. Please visit MediaWiki Localisation and if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.

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Name Default message text
Current message text
action-editcontentmodel (talk) (Translate) edit the content model of a page
action-editmyprivateinfo (talk) (Translate) edit your private information
action-editmywatchlist (talk) (Translate) edit your watchlist
action-editrestrictedfields (talk) (Translate) edit restricted form fields
action-generatepages (talk) (Translate) view the "{{int:generatepages}}" tab and page
action-geocode (talk) (Translate) do geocoding on this wiki
action-history (talk) (Translate) view the history of this page
action-import (talk) (Translate) import pages from another wiki
action-importupload (talk) (Translate) import pages from a file upload
action-managechangetags (talk) (Translate) create and (de)activate tags
action-mergehistory (talk) (Translate) merge the history of this page
action-minoredit (talk) (Translate) mark this edit as minor
action-move (talk) (Translate) move this page
action-move-categorypages (talk) (Translate) move category pages
action-move-rootuserpages (talk) (Translate) move root user pages
action-move-subpages (talk) (Translate) move this page, and its subpages
action-movefile (talk) (Translate) move this file
action-nuke (talk) (Translate) nuke pages
action-pagelang (talk) (Translate) change the page language
action-pagetranslation (talk) (Translate) manage translatable pages
action-patrol (talk) (Translate) mark others' edits as patrolled
action-protect (talk) (Translate) change protection levels for this page
action-purge (talk) (Translate) purge this page
action-read (talk) (Translate) read this page
action-renameuser (talk) (Translate) rename users
action-replacetext (talk) (Translate) make string replacements on the entire wiki
action-reupload (talk) (Translate) overwrite this existing file
action-reupload-shared (talk) (Translate) override this file on a shared repository
action-rollback (talk) (Translate) quickly rollback the edits of the last user who edited a particular page
action-sendemail (talk) (Translate) sáddet e-poasttaid
action-siteadmin (talk) (Translate) lock or unlock the database
action-smw-admin (talk) (Translate) access Semantic MediaWiki administration tasks
action-smw-pageedit (talk) (Translate) edit pages annotated with <code>Is edit protected</code> (Semantic MediaWiki)
action-smw-patternedit (talk) (Translate) edit regular expressions used by Semantic MediaWiki
action-suppressionlog (talk) (Translate) view this private log
action-suppressrevision (talk) (Translate) review and restore this hidden revision
action-translate-groupreview (talk) (Translate) change workflow state of message groups
action-translate-import (talk) (Translate) import offline translations
action-translate-manage (talk) (Translate) manage message groups
action-translate-messagereview (talk) (Translate) review translations
action-translate-sandboxaction (talk) (Translate) execute actions whitelisted for sandboxed users
action-translate-sandboxmanage (talk) (Translate) manage sandboxed users
action-undelete (talk) (Translate) undelete this page
action-unwatchedpages (talk) (Translate) view the list of unwatched pages
action-upload (talk) (Translate) upload this file
action-upload_by_url (talk) (Translate) upload this file from a URL
action-usermerge (talk) (Translate) merge users
action-userrights (talk) (Translate) edit all user rights
action-userrights-interwiki (talk) (Translate) edit user rights of users on other wikis
action-viewedittab (talk) (Translate) view the "{{int:edit}}" tab for pages editable by form
action-viewmyprivateinfo (talk) (Translate) view your private information
action-viewmywatchlist (talk) (Translate) view your watchlist
action-writeapi (talk) (Translate) use the write API
actioncomplete (talk) (Translate) Doaibma lea dahkkon
actionfailed (talk) (Translate) Action failed
actions (talk) (Translate) Actions
actionthrottled (talk) (Translate) Action throttled
actionthrottledtext (talk) (Translate) As an anti-abuse measure, you are limited from performing this action too many times in a short space of time, and you have exceeded this limit. Please try again in a few minutes.
activeusers (talk) (Translate) Listu aktiivvalaš geavaheddjiin
activeusers-count (talk) (Translate) $1 {{PLURAL:$1|rievdadus|rievdadusa}} maŋimus $3 beaivvi siste
activeusers-from (talk) (Translate) Čájet geavaheddjiid dán rájes:
activeusers-hidebots (talk) (Translate) Čiega bohtaid
activeusers-hidesysops (talk) (Translate) Čiega administráhtoriid
activeusers-intro (talk) (Translate) Dát lea listu geavaheddjiin, mat leat bargan juoidá maŋimus $1 {{PLURAL:$1|beaivvi|beaivvi}} siste.
activeusers-noresult (talk) (Translate) No users found.
activeusers-submit (talk) (Translate) Display active users
activeusers-summary (talk) (Translate)  
addedwatchtext (talk) (Translate) Siidu '''<nowiki>$1</nowiki>''' lea lasihuvvon [[Special:Watchlist|čuovvunlisttui]]. Boahtevuođas siiddu ja siiddu ságastallansiiddu rievdadusat almmuhuvvo dáppe. Siidu lea '''buidon''' [[Special:RecentChanges|varas rievdadusat -listtus]], vai fuomašat dan álkit. Jus hálidat heaiti čuovvumis dan siiddu, deaddil liŋkka ''heaite čuovvumis'' siiddu ravddas.
addedwatchtext-short (talk) (Translate) The page "$1" has been added to your watchlist.
addedwatchtext-talk (talk) (Translate) "[[:$1]]" and its associated page have been added to your [[Special:Watchlist|watchlist]].
addsection (talk) (Translate) +
addsection-editintro (talk) (Translate)  
addsection-preload (talk) (Translate)  
addwatch (talk) (Translate) Add to watchlist
aggregategroups (talk) (Translate) Aggregate groups
ago (talk) (Translate) $1 ago
all-logs-page (talk) (Translate) Buot loggat
allarticles (talk) (Translate) Buot siiddut
allinnamespace (talk) (Translate) Buot siiddut nammagomuvuođas $1
alllogstext (talk) (Translate) Combined display of all available logs of {{SITENAME}}. You can narrow down the view by selecting a log type, the username (case-sensitive), or the affected page (also case-sensitive).
allmessages (talk) (Translate) Buot systemasánit
allmessages-filter (talk) (Translate) Filter by customization state:
allmessages-filter-all (talk) (Translate) All
allmessages-filter-legend (talk) (Translate) Filter
allmessages-filter-modified (talk) (Translate) Modified
allmessages-filter-submit (talk) (Translate) Go
allmessages-filter-translate (talk) (Translate) Translate
allmessages-filter-unmodified (talk) (Translate) Unmodified
allmessages-language (talk) (Translate) Language:
allmessages-prefix (talk) (Translate) Filter by prefix:
allmessagescurrent (talk) (Translate) Dálá teaksta
allmessagesdefault (talk) (Translate) Default message text
allmessagesname (talk) (Translate) Namma
allmessagesnotsupportedDB (talk) (Translate) This page cannot be used because <strong>$wgUseDatabaseMessages</strong> has been disabled.
allmessagestext (talk) (Translate) This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace. Please visit [ MediaWiki Localisation] and [] if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.
allowemail (talk) (Translate) Suova e-postta sádden čujuhussii
allpages (talk) (Translate) Buot siiddut
allpages-bad-ns (talk) (Translate) {{GRAMMAR:inessive|{{SITENAME}}}} ii leat nammagomuvuohta ”$1”.
allpages-hide-redirects (talk) (Translate) Hide redirects
allpages-summary (talk) (Translate)  
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