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This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace. Please visit MediaWiki Localisation and if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.

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Name Default message text
Current message text
allpagesbadtitle (talk) (Translate) Čállojuvvon bájilčála lei dohkemeahtun dahje das lei wikiid gaskasaš álgooassi.
allpagesfrom (talk) (Translate) Display pages starting at:
allpagesprefix (talk) (Translate) Display pages with prefix:
allpagessubmit (talk) (Translate) Oza
allpagesto (talk) (Translate) Display pages ending at:
alreadyrolled (talk) (Translate) Rievdadusat, maid geavaheaddji [[User:$2|$2]] ([[User talk:$2|ságastallan]]) lea dahkan, siidui $1 ii sáhte sihkkut, daningo geavaheaddji [[User:$3|$3]] ([[User talk:$3|ságastallan]]) lea dahkan ođđa rievdadusaid.
ancientpages (talk) (Translate) Siiddut, mat eai leat rievdaduvvon guhkes áigái
ancientpages-summary (talk) (Translate)  
and (talk) (Translate) ja
anoncontribs (talk) (Translate) Contributions
anoneditwarning (talk) (Translate) '''Váruhus:''' It leat loggen sisa. Du IP-čujuhus báhcá dán siiddu rievdadushistorjái.
anonnotice (talk) (Translate) -
anononlyblock (talk) (Translate) anon. only
anonpreviewwarning (talk) (Translate) <em>You are not logged in. Saving will record your IP address in this page's edit history.</em>
anontalk (talk) (Translate) Ságastallan IP-čujuhussii
anontalkpagetext (talk) (Translate) ---- <em>This is the discussion page for an anonymous user who has not created an account yet, or who does not use it.</em> We therefore have to use the numerical IP address to identify him/her. Such an IP address can be shared by several users. If you are an anonymous user and feel that irrelevant comments have been directed at you, please [[Special:CreateAccount|create an account]] or [[Special:UserLogin|log in]] to avoid future confusion with other anonymous users.
anonuser (talk) (Translate) {{SITENAME}} anonymous user $1
anonusers (talk) (Translate) {{SITENAME}} anonymous {{PLURAL:$2|user|users}} $1
anonymous (talk) (Translate) {{SITENAME}}-siiddu anonyma {{PLURAL:$1|geavaheaddji|geavaheaddjit}}
api-credits (talk) (Translate) API developers: * Yuri Astrakhan (creator, lead developer Sep 2006–Sep 2007) * Roan Kattouw (lead developer Sep 2007–2009) * Victor Vasiliev * Bryan Tong Minh * Sam Reed * Brad Jorsch (lead developer 2013–present) Please send your comments, suggestions and questions to or file a bug report at
api-credits-header (talk) (Translate) Credits
api-error-autoblocked (talk) (Translate) Your IP address has been blocked automatically, because it was used by a blocked user.
api-error-badaccess-groups (talk) (Translate) You are not permitted to upload files to this wiki.
api-error-badtoken (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Bad token.
api-error-blocked (talk) (Translate) You have been blocked from editing.
api-error-copyuploaddisabled (talk) (Translate) Uploading by URL is disabled on this server.
api-error-duplicate (talk) (Translate) There {{PLURAL:$1|is another file|are some other files}} already on the site with the same content.
api-error-duplicate-archive (talk) (Translate) There {{PLURAL:$1|was another file|were some other files}} already on the site with the same content, but {{PLURAL:$1|it was|they were}} deleted.
api-error-empty-file (talk) (Translate) The file you submitted was empty.
api-error-emptypage (talk) (Translate) Creating new, empty pages is not allowed.
api-error-fetchfileerror (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Something went wrong while fetching the file.
api-error-file-too-large (talk) (Translate) The file you submitted was too large.
api-error-fileexists-forbidden (talk) (Translate) A file with name "$1" already exists, and cannot be overwritten.
api-error-fileexists-shared-forbidden (talk) (Translate) A file with name "$1" already exists in the shared file repository, and cannot be overwritten.
api-error-filename-tooshort (talk) (Translate) The filename is too short.
api-error-filetype-banned (talk) (Translate) This type of file is banned.
api-error-filetype-banned-type (talk) (Translate) $1 {{PLURAL:$4|is not a permitted file type|are not permitted file types}}. Permitted {{PLURAL:$3|file type is|file types are}} $2.
api-error-filetype-missing (talk) (Translate) The filename is missing an extension.
api-error-fuzzymessage (talk) (Translate) Translation is marked as fuzzy
api-error-hookaborted (talk) (Translate) The modification you tried to make was aborted by an extension.
api-error-http (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Unable to connect to server.
api-error-illegal-filename (talk) (Translate) The filename is not allowed.
api-error-internal-error (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Something went wrong with processing your upload on the wiki.
api-error-invalid-file-key (talk) (Translate) Internal error: File was not found in temporary storage.
api-error-invalidrevision (talk) (Translate) Translation was not found
api-error-missingparam (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Missing parameters on request.
api-error-missingresult (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Could not determine if the copy succeeded.
api-error-mustbeloggedin (talk) (Translate) You must be logged in to upload files.
api-error-mustbeposted (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Request requires HTTP POST.
api-error-noimageinfo (talk) (Translate) The upload succeeded, but the server did not give us any information about the file.
api-error-nomodule (talk) (Translate) Internal error: No upload module set.
api-error-ok-but-empty (talk) (Translate) Internal error: No response from server.
api-error-overwrite (talk) (Translate) Overwriting an existing file is not allowed.
api-error-owntranslation (talk) (Translate) You cannot mark your own translations as reviewed
api-error-publishfailed (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Server failed to publish temporary file.
api-error-ratelimited (talk) (Translate) You're trying to upload more files in a short space of time than this wiki allows. Please try again in a few minutes.
api-error-stashedfilenotfound (talk) (Translate) The stashed file was not found when attempting to upload it from the stash.
api-error-stasherror (talk) (Translate) There was an error while uploading the file to stash.
api-error-stashfailed (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Server failed to store temporary file.
api-error-stashfilestorage (talk) (Translate) There was an error while storing the file in the stash.
api-error-stashnosuchfilekey (talk) (Translate) The file key you were attempting to access in the stash does not exist.
api-error-stashnotloggedin (talk) (Translate) You must be logged in to save files in the upload stash.
api-error-stashpathinvalid (talk) (Translate) The path at which the stashed file should have been found was invalid.
api-error-stashwrongowner (talk) (Translate) The file you were attempting to access in the stash does not belong to you.
api-error-stashzerolength (talk) (Translate) The server could not stash the file, because it had zero length.
api-error-timeout (talk) (Translate) The server did not respond within the expected time.
api-error-unclassified (talk) (Translate) An unknown error occurred.
api-error-unknown-code (talk) (Translate) Unknown error: "$1".
api-error-unknown-error (talk) (Translate) Internal error: Something went wrong when trying to upload your file.
api-error-unknown-warning (talk) (Translate) Unknown warning: "$1".
api-error-unknownerror (talk) (Translate) Unknown error: "$1".
api-error-unknownmessage (talk) (Translate) Message was not found
api-error-uploaddisabled (talk) (Translate) Uploading is disabled on this wiki.
api-error-verification-error (talk) (Translate) This file might be corrupt, or have the wrong extension.
api-error-was-deleted (talk) (Translate) A file of this name has been previously uploaded and subsequently deleted.
api-format-prettyprint-header (talk) (Translate) This is the HTML representation of the $1 format. HTML is good for debugging, but is unsuitable for application use. Specify the <var>format</var> parameter to change the output format. To see the non-HTML representation of the $1 format, set <kbd>format=$2</kbd>. See the [[mw:API|complete documentation]], or the [[Special:ApiHelp/main|API help]] for more information.
api-format-prettyprint-header-only-html (talk) (Translate) This is an HTML representation intended for debugging, and is unsuitable for application use. See the [[mw:API|complete documentation]], or the [[Special:ApiHelp/main|API help]] for more information.
api-format-title (talk) (Translate) MediaWiki API result
api-help-authmanager-general-usage (talk) (Translate) The general procedure to use this module is: # Fetch the fields available from <kbd>[[Special:ApiHelp/query+authmanagerinfo|action=query&meta=authmanagerinfo]]</kbd> with <kbd>amirequestsfor=$4</kbd>, and a <kbd>$5</kbd> token from <kbd>[[Special:ApiHelp/query+tokens|action=query&meta=tokens]]</kbd>. # Present the fields to the user, and obtain their submission. # Post to this module, supplying <var>$1returnurl</var> and any relevant fields. # Check the <samp>status</samp> in the response. #* If you received <samp>PASS</samp> or <samp>FAIL</samp>, you're done. The operation either succeeded or it didn't. #* If you received <samp>UI</samp>, present the new fields to the user and obtain their submission. Then post to this module with <var>$1continue</var> and the relevant fields set, and repeat step 4. #* If you received <samp>REDIRECT</samp>, direct the user to the <samp>redirecttarget</samp> and wait for the return to <var>$1returnurl</var>. Then post to this module with <var>$1continue</var> and any fields passed to the return URL, and repeat step 4. #* If you received <samp>RESTART</samp>, that means the authentication worked but we don't have a linked user account. You might treat this as <samp>UI</samp> or as <samp>FAIL</samp>.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-additional-params (talk) (Translate) This module accepts additional parameters depending on the available authentication requests. Use <kbd>[[Special:ApiHelp/query+authmanagerinfo|action=query&meta=authmanagerinfo]]</kbd> with <kbd>amirequestsfor=$1</kbd> (or a previous response from this module, if applicable) to determine the requests available and the fields that they use.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-continue (talk) (Translate) This request is a continuation after an earlier <samp>UI</samp> or <samp>REDIRECT</samp> response. Either this or <var>$1returnurl</var> is required.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-mergerequestfields (talk) (Translate) Merge field information for all authentication requests into one array.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-messageformat (talk) (Translate) Format to use for returning messages.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-preservestate (talk) (Translate) Preserve state from a previous failed login attempt, if possible.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-request (talk) (Translate) Use this authentication request, by the <samp>id</samp> returned from <kbd>[[Special:ApiHelp/query+authmanagerinfo|action=query&meta=authmanagerinfo]]</kbd> with <kbd>amirequestsfor=$1</kbd>.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-requests (talk) (Translate) Only use these authentication requests, by the <samp>id</samp> returned from <kbd>[[Special:ApiHelp/query+authmanagerinfo|action=query&meta=authmanagerinfo]]</kbd> with <kbd>amirequestsfor=$1</kbd> or from a previous response from this module.
api-help-authmanagerhelper-returnurl (talk) (Translate) Return URL for third-party authentication flows, must be absolute. Either this or <var>$1continue</var> is required. Upon receiving a <samp>REDIRECT</samp> response, you will typically open a browser or web view to the specified <samp>redirecttarget</samp> URL for a third-party authentication flow. When that completes, the third party will send the browser or web view to this URL. You should extract any query or POST parameters from the URL and pass them as a <var>$1continue</var> request to this API module.
api-help-datatypes (talk) (Translate) Input to MediaWiki should be NFC-normalized UTF-8. MediaWiki may attempt to convert other input, but this may cause some operations (such as [[Special:ApiHelp/edit|edits]] with MD5 checks) to fail. Some parameter types in API requests need further explanation: ;boolean :Boolean parameters work like HTML checkboxes: if the parameter is specified, regardless of value, it is considered true. For a false value, omit the parameter entirely. ;timestamp :Timestamps may be specified in several formats. ISO 8601 date and time is recommended. All times are in UTC, any included timezone is ignored. :* ISO 8601 date and time, <kbd><var>2001</var>-<var>01</var>-<var>15</var>T<var>14</var>:<var>56</var>:<var>00</var>Z</kbd> (punctuation and <kbd>Z</kbd> are optional) :* ISO 8601 date and time with (ignored) fractional seconds, <kbd><var>2001</var>-<var>01</var>-<var>15</var>T<var>14</var>:<var>56</var>:<var>00</var>.<var>00001</var>Z</kbd> (dashes, colons, and <kbd>Z</kbd> are optional) :* MediaWiki format, <kbd><var>2001</var><var>01</var><var>15</var><var>14</var><var>56</var><var>00</var></kbd> :* Generic numeric format, <kbd><var>2001</var>-<var>01</var>-<var>15</var> <var>14</var>:<var>56</var>:<var>00</var></kbd> (optional timezone of <kbd>GMT</kbd>, <kbd>+<var>##</var></kbd>, or <kbd>-<var>##</var></kbd> is ignored) :* EXIF format, <kbd><var>2001</var>:<var>01</var>:<var>15</var> <var>14</var>:<var>56</var>:<var>00</var></kbd> :*RFC 2822 format (timezone may be omitted), <kbd><var>Mon</var>, <var>15</var> <var>Jan</var> <var>2001</var> <var>14</var>:<var>56</var>:<var>00</var></kbd> :* RFC 850 format (timezone may be omitted), <kbd><var>Monday</var>, <var>15</var>-<var>Jan</var>-<var>2001</var> <var>14</var>:<var>56</var>:<var>00</var></kbd> :* C ctime format, <kbd><var>Mon</var> <var>Jan</var> <var>15</var> <var>14</var>:<var>56</var>:<var>00</var> <var>2001</var></kbd> :* Seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z as a 1 to 13 digit integer (excluding <kbd>0</kbd>) :* The string <kbd>now</kbd> ;alternative multiple-value separator :Parameters that take multiple values are normally submitted with the values separated using the pipe character, e.g. <kbd>param=value1|value2</kbd> or <kbd>param=value1%7Cvalue2</kbd>. If a value must contain the pipe character, use U+001F (Unit Separator) as the separator ''and'' prefix the value with U+001F, e.g. <kbd>param=%1Fvalue1%1Fvalue2</kbd>.
api-help-datatypes-header (talk) (Translate) Data types
api-help-examples (talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|Example|Examples}}:
api-help-fallback-description (talk) (Translate) $1
api-help-fallback-example (talk) (Translate) $1
api-help-fallback-parameter (talk) (Translate) $1
api-help-flag-deprecated (talk) (Translate) This module is deprecated.
api-help-flag-generator (talk) (Translate) This module can be used as a generator.
api-help-flag-internal (talk) (Translate) <strong>This module is internal or unstable.</strong> Its operation may change without notice.
api-help-flag-mustbeposted (talk) (Translate) This module only accepts POST requests.
api-help-flag-readrights (talk) (Translate) This module requires read rights.
api-help-flag-writerights (talk) (Translate) This module requires write rights.
api-help-flags (talk) (Translate)  
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