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Expressions fields in Excel files

Expression fields in an Excel file can only contain single word or multiword expressions separated by a comma.

  • Individual expression can either be
    • a single word expression: word
    • a multi word expression: word1 word2

Valid expressions

Examples of valid expressions are:

Example Explanation
word a single word expression
word1, word2, word3 single word expressions, separated with commas
field trip a multi word expression
field trip1, field trip2 multi word expressions, separated with commas
word1, field trip2 a combination of single and multi word expressions, separated with commas

Explanation of error types found in Excel-files

Invalid expression

Examples of invalid expressions are:

Invalid example Explanation Corrected example
björkskog/-dal a human readable way of writing two expressions that really are two compound words björkskog, björkskogsdal
ájrro/ájro wrong expression separator ájrro, ájro
nåleøye, på trekantet synål formally a valid expression, but expression and note are in the same field nåløye should be in the expressions field. på trekantet synål should be moved to the note field
ackja, lock- randomly divided compound word ackjalock

Possible typo

The validator program sends the valid expressions to the sámi grammars. The words classified as possible typos are words that are not found in these grammars. There are two possible reasons for this:

  • The expression is indeed a typo
  • The expression is correctly written, but for some reason it is not part of our grammars. If this is the reason, send an e-mail to feedback@divvun.no about these errors, and they will try to amend this as soon as possible.

Possiblie duplicates

These are links to other pages on the termwiki where the named expression is already used. If the expressions in your Excel-file has the same meaning as one of the pages, add your new information to that page. If not, a new Termwiki page has to be created.