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MEG: Nu go dan vuosttažis; dárbbaša go dás ge spesifiseret ahte lea bohcco deahkkeguorká? Vai lea go nu ahte ollu/ eanas elliin sáhttet leat dákkár deahkkeguorkkát?

MBH 10.09.2019: Konrad Nielsen sátnegirjjis gávdnojit dát dieđut: guorka P (tearbma adnon Buolbmágis) = guorti: A description which bears a certain resemblance to the tape-worm "It is a worm which lives in the intestines of human beings. It grows very rapidly; but when it has become very long, the end of its tail drops off and is evacuated with the excrement. Then the worm grows again. This may be repeated many times. At length, however, the person dies of debility unless he can rid himself of the worm by taking a strong medicine. This medicine must not be too poisonous, for if it is, the worm will shut its mouth and the poison will kill the person instead."

guorte (Buolbmágis ii leat oahpes tearbma dahje adno hárve; tearbma adno Kárášjogas ja Guovdageainnus): a kind of animal ("divri") which exists, according to popular belief, inside people who suffer from cardialgia, cfr. guorka

Dát sáhttá čilget man dihte "guorká" ii oro nu oahpes tearbman.

Látingiel tearbma Cysticercus tarandi dárkkuha ge ahte dát guorká lea bohccos ii ge olbmos (vaikko Konrad Nielsen čilgehusas lea sáhka dakkáris mii lea olbmos)